About Custom Freedom Hair Wigs

Each hairpiece that is crafted by Freedom Hair Ltd. NZ, is totally unique, and is tailored specifically to each individual wearing it.

The Freedom Prosthesis is held in place by vacuum. The vacuum fit is very secure and there is no need for tapes or any other securing material. There is no itching or rubbing. Our wigs are made specifically for that person and therefore the fit is excellent. A fit that is as accurate as possible is created using a laser scan scan of your head. This helps re-create your actual head size/shape, hairline shape, crown, and parting. A soft, permeable, silicone cap, tinted to match your skin color is made from your scan; this produces a cap which has an extremely comfortable vacuum fit. The cap is smooth and pliable, and provides a comfortable prosthesis, no matter what activity you’re doing!!

The cap is vapor permeable. This means heat and water vapor (perspiration) will pass through the cap. The cap is also waterproof, so you can wash the interior of your cap daily without getting your hair wet. Daily maintenance and cleanliness just got a whole lot easier!

After the cap is made, it is then implanted with 100% unprocessed, virgin, human hair; 1 piece of hair at a time. It is the best quality hair available and as such is easily managed. Freedom’s implanting techniques ensure that it moves like hair should move and can be cared for much like growing hair. Specifications chosen by a client include hair color, texture, length, curl pattern, density, crown/parting and scalp color.

Customizing your hairpiece is easy with all the choices we offer:

Hair Colour – match your original colour or choose from 20 colours, which can be mixed to create a customized shade. If you choose, your stylist can add streaks or foils for highlighting effects. For older Clients, white and grey hair can be added at varying percentages to any part of the wig i.e. front, temples etc.

Hair Texture and Curl – options include straight, movement, light wave, light curl and heavy curl. You can even have it salon permed at the styling stage.

Hair Length – order in two-inch increases, from our minimum four-inch length to our longest at 14 inches.

Implanting Density – extra light, light, light-medium, medium.

Crown and Parting Location – left, right or centre part. Our centre part also has the ability to be an “undefined part”…meaning you have the ability to move your hair 1 1/4 inches to either side. It moves when wet and holds when dry.

Scalp Color – choose from eight tones to best match your skin tone.

Full Fringe or Fine Fringe – we can customize to achieve your desired style.
Once fitted with your new prosthesis, you are ready for salon styling!