What exactly is virgin hair?Living Life Hair Photo
This is unprocessed hair that has never been permed, coloured, or chemically processed in any way. This is the most expensive and most sought after hair because of it’s soft texture and also because it’s in such short supply. Freedom Hair Wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair.

I am interested in ordering a Freedom hairpiece, how do I start the order process?
A Personal Consultation occurs, so we can create a 3D laser scan of your head.  We’ll discuss your order choice options, so you can customize your hair to look exactly the way you like.  Extra time is spent discussing care, maintenance and the commitment requirements necessary for your new Freedom hairpiece.

How long does it take to receive my Freedom hairpiece?
You can expect to receive your beautiful hairpiece usually within 3-4 months.  Your hairpiece will be handcrafted at Freedom’s manufacturing facility in New Zealand.

How long can I expect my Freedom hairpiece to last?
The standard life span for a Freedom hairpiece is 3-5 years.  The average person will need a repair usually within 18 months to two years, depending on how you maintain and care for your hairpiece.

What is involved in a Repair?
Repairs involve re-implanting hair where needed and removing the old silicone.  A new fresh coat of silicone is added and the reinforcement strips (metal stays) are also repaired.  Repairing your wig will greatly extend the life span of your piece.  Your hairpiece will feel like “new” again!

Is a bare scalp required to wear a Freedom hairpiece?
Yes, in order for the vacuum cap to suction successfully to your scalp, it is essential that you maintain a clean shaven head.

Do you make wigs for children, men?
Absolutely!  The suction base offers great security, so children are able to participate in activities and play physical sports, such as swimming, gymnastics, dance, etc.  Extra care is taken when a hairpiece is made for children, softer and finer hair is used to duplicate how a child’s hair grows.  Little girls can wear braids and ponytails!  We also have options for Men.  Different cap choices are available, with a firmer base for an active, masculine lifestyle.

Can I really swim in a Freedom Wig?
Yes, because of the suction fit, you will be able to enjoy swimming at the beach or in a pool.  The natural scalp appearance of a Freedom wig will look very natural when wet, hair really appears to grow from the scalp.

Can I sleep in my Freedom Wig?
No, this is not recommended. Lying on your hair daily will cause mechanical breakage over time.  We know this can be a sensitive issue for women in new relationships or those wanting to go on a “girls weekend” with friends.  Wearing your hairpiece while you sleep once or twice shouldn’t be an issue, but do not continue this habit, as you will experience unnecessary hair breakage over time.

Can I colour my Freedom Wig?
Of course, you can have both highlights or low-lights put in and all–over colour by a professional, trusted stylist/colourist.

Is there a guarantee/warranty on my Freedom Wig?
The manufacturer, Freedom Hair of New Zealand offers a 1-year warranty against defects in manufacturer’s workmanship.

What about excessive heating?  I’ve heard vacuum hairpieces can be hot to wear.
The silicone cap takes on the exact temperature of your body and is breathable.  Freedom Wigs’ newest Generation of vacuum hairpieces have the advantage of better heat dissipation due to an advanced silicone structure.  Therefore heat and vapor can evaporate through the cap.  Please remember though, that all hairpieces may provide a level of additional heat since there is an extra layer on your head.  But for those occasional times (tropical vacations, excessive physical activity), it is so worth the added security and peace of mind wearing a Freedom hairpiece.